Kids Tend To Play With Gadgets More Often Than Toys – A New Study Says

Ever since technology was introduced to kids many people including parents have been asking themselves one simple question and that is whether or not kids tend to play with their gadgets more than the traditional toys that we all grew with. If you were a toy lover while you were young then chances are high that you played with a number of traditional dolls such as Barbie or even Ken. But sadly though, this is not the case with the new generation of kids as they prefer to play twisting games on their iPhone as opposed to actually playing the real twist that will see them actually twisting plastic arms that are actually real. The same also applies when it comes to unpacking a board game, when we were young unpacking a board game was without a doubt one of the most common game that there is but now with the new technology kids prefer to alleviate boredom by simply using their iPad. 

This particular fact, is also highlighted in a study that was conducted by child-education specialists from the Michael Cohen group on the same subject matter. According to the findings of the study, there is an increase in the number of kids that are embracing new technology as opposed to those that are using traditional dolls such as Barbie. 

The study mainly focused on the world of today’s kids, a world that has been highly influenced largely by technology. In the study, the researchers found out that 60% of those parents interviewed stated that their kids who are aged between 12 played with touch screen devices such as iPhone on a day to day basis. 38% of parents who took part in the survey stated that their kids use them very often. 


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