Apple exploring settlement with electric car battery maker

American giant phone-maker Apple Inc is in talks with an electric car battery maker A123 so as to settle a lawsuit brought about by the car battery maker which accuses Apple of poaching its top engineers so as to build a large-scale battery division.

Apple which is currently working on developing an electric car has been hiring a number of engineers who have a good knowledge of automobile systems. According to the lawsuit by A123, Apple began poaching its top engineers who at that time had been tasked with leading the company’s crucial projects around June 2014.

Apple in a court filling which was made on Tuesday asked a Massachusetts Federal Judge for more time so as for them to adequately respond to A123’s lawsuit as “they are exploring potential resolutions.”

The breach of contract was filled by A123 back in February this year against five of its employees and Apple.
A123 systems, is a pioneering industrial maker of lithium ion-battery that was supported by a $249 million grant from the government of the U.S. In 2012 A123 filed for bankruptcy and ever since then the company has been selling off its assets.

The quest of building an electric car by Apple would mark a dramatic shift by the company which is known for making great phones and tablets such as the iPhones and iPads. Apple is known for researching on a variety of projects which it later discards, but so far has managed to stick with its goal of creating an electric car.


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