Internet of Things (IoT) to End Need for Google Search

Just like the introduction of smartphones revolutionized where, why and how we use the internet, so will Internet of Things (IoT) eventually stop the use of Google search. The only reason why will go to Google is to check out the latest doodle. And that's about it.

Internet of Things will collect data on us and design tailor-made offers catering to our wishes, our preferences and needs. This means that an average person will have everything they eat in, sleep in and live in connected to the Internet which will create a unique profile about them. The profile will be able to identify their needs even before they do.

For instance, before you start feeling hot, your thermostat will be lowered to a more appropriate temperature. Or in case you run out of cornflakes, your automation system will be ordering what you need online. In order for IoT to work, all devices we use will have to be connected. It is estimated that we will have on average four devices connected to the Internet by 2020.

When it comes to IoT business, the ones that will succeed are the ones who will manage to create a large and loyal user base. When it comes to selling products, the more users you have, the larger the demand is. IoT companies will have to be three successful businesses in one – they will have to be able to produce attractive hardware, a solid platform for analyzing large amounts of information, and will have to be able to create the best user experience.

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