Confused in selecting Computer? Here are the Tips

Today, wide range of Computers  are available in market and it is very difficult to choose any one of them. We will be discussing some of the types of computers which you can choose depending upon your application area. First one being Supercomputers: Most expensive but fastest Computer with highest computational capacity. Can perform superior calculations and even a single unit can perform a trillion or more calculations every second. Next is Personal Computer also known as PC. Although PC technology have changed a lot from the time they were first introduced in 1970s and 1980s.These days PC are working as a companion ,an all-rounder machine that can help in studies ,collecting and storing data, as well as gaming purpose. Then comes Desktop: can be placed on the top of desk only and no movement of this system is possible. Mainly used in Offices for their staff members so that they don’t roam around and concentrate only on their work. Laptops are another type of computers also known as notebook. These computers contain keyboard, monitor, trackball, CPU, memory and hard drive all integrated in one unit .Powered by rechargeable battery. Main advantage of Laptops over PC and Desktops is that they are portable and be taken from one place to another. Mainly used in offices where staff members have to go out of their office for marketing their products. Tablet computers is one more type .They are pretty smaller as compared to Laptops.




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Getting Intimate With Technology

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