Interesting Facts About Intel

Intel is a synonym for computer processors. Computers with these processors are quick and expensive. Many people say that if you use a computer for work, you must have an Intel processor. Because of this, all computers used in the world have their processors. Now, Intel is much more than just a processor manufacturer.
•    The name comes from a combination of two words, INTegrated circuits and Electronics. Today, Intel is known in the whole world. A hotel chain had to pay $15.000 so they can use this name.
•    Intel was founded in 1968 by chemist Gordon Moore and physicist Robert Noyce. Both of them worked at the Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory.
•    The Intel Inside badge is one of the most popular in the world. It is responsible why Intel is so popular today.
•    Intel was one of the first companies to use the cubicle system. Even today, Paul Otellini, CEO, doesn’t have a personal office. He uses the cubicle system.
•    Intel has a museum. It is visited by 80.000 people each year.
•    The special room, where chips are made has no dust. It is cleaner than a hospital room.
•    Since 1991, Intel has invested more than $9 billion in more than 1000 smaller companies.
•    Intel has a value of $54 billion.
•    The first microprocessor made by Intel was a 4 bit CPU with 2300 transistors. The latest microprocessor has more than a billion transistors.
•    In 1976 Intel launched the iSBC 80/10, a single board computer.
•    Intel has 107,600 employees across the whole world. 55% of them live in the United States.
•    In 2009 Intel was the 23th most powerful brand in the world.




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